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Welcome to The Mayflower Wiki




Introduction to this Wiki! Click here!


Welcome to our wiki! As students of Bemdij State University's DLiTE program, we have created this resource for educators of students in grades 3-8 interested in teaching US Colonial History. The collected work is the collaborative product of undergraduate students in a Social Studies Methods class taught in the Spring of 2011 by Siri Andreson. These wiki based materials were created after reading various children’s literature and “The Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick.


A wiki is a great web tool for having students collaborate on one project. Wiki’s are useful because many people can be working towards a goal at the same time from different locations. Each student in our class built their own pages linked to this unified wiki which is filled with lesson plans tied to essential questions, vocabulary activities, and curriculum resources focused on this unique period of American History.




Great Books: Links to lesson plans and curriculum materials based on children's literature for this period.


Turning Points: A list of key transitions in Nathaniel Philbrick's The Mayflower, illustrated conceptually with children's stories created in StoryBird.


Top Resources: A list of exceptional web-based resources for teachers of Early American History.


MindMeister: A concept map of the characters involved in Nathaniel Philbrick's story which might be useful to others reading the book for the first time.


Final Projects: Interactive curriculum for teaching about this period.


Social Studies Matters: An explanation of the MN Standards addressed in this material and our vision for our work in the discipline.







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